Husband of ‘black widow’ says he’s ‘lucky to be alive’ after she stabbed him twice

A man who was married to a woman dubbed “black widow” has admitted he is lucky to be alive after she stabbed him.

Kathleen Webber has been branded a danger to all men after she stabbed her new husband, Keith Dean.

She had also been convicted of killing her second husband Dean Leighton Webber, 39, following a row on Christmas Day 2002.

Four-times-wed Kathleen Webber, 58, knifed her latest spouse Keith Dean twice after she objected to him watching TV.

Webber had previously been married twice to Keith’s father, Eric, before he passed away last year.

Keith, 57, from Manchester, says: “I’ve suffered with depression and anxiety since the attack. My health isn’t good. I feel I’ve had a lucky escape from her. My biggest regret is that I didn’t take my dad seriously when he told me she was being violent.

“I now know that she is a danger to all men.

“There are chilling similarities between the attack on me and the way she killed her second husband. Then, as with me, she chose the biggest knife from the kitchen block. I am so lucky to be alive.”

Keith had first briefly met Kathleen Webber as a child.

But in 1981, when he was 18, she moved in next door to the home Keith shared with his father, Eric. Keith’s mother had died when he was four.

Eric and Kathleen began a relationship and eventually married. But after 10 years of marriage, she left him for one of his friends.

Keith says: “My dad let his mate stay with them for a while, to do him a favour. But he started an affair with Kath and they disappeared together. My dad was heartbroken, and they got divorced.

“We lost touch with Kath for several years, but my dad never got over their split. He loved her.”

Kathleen went on to marry Dean Webber but knifed him to death on Christmas Day 2002. After stabbing him in the chest, she lay on her bed smoking and washed the knife clean – as he lay dying.

Webber chose the biggest knife from a block in the kitchen of the family home and later washed and dried it before replacing it, Newport Crown Court heard.

Kathleen was jailed for two years after the court heard of abuse within the relationship.

After she was released from prison, she made contact with Eric – and the pair were reconciled. In 2009, they married for a second time.

Keith says: “I was wary of my dad getting involved with her again. She had hurt him terribly. She told us that she had killed her last husband in self-defence, that he had walked onto the knife and that it had all been an accident.

“She could be very convincing.

“As time went on, I got on much better with her. But then Dad started saying that Kath was hitting him and that he was scared of her. But he was elderly, and his health was bad, and I thought he was getting dementia. Kath insisted he was confused.”

In March 2019, Eric died, aged 85, following a long battle with COPD.

Keith had recently split with his long-term partner, Jeanette, who was the mother of his three youngest children. She later died of pneumonia.

Keith says: “Dad’s death hit me hard, we were very close.

“Afterwards, I saw a lot of Kath. It started off innocently, I was keeping an eye on her because she was depressed after losing my dad.

“One night I went round to see her, we had a few drinks, and she came on to me.

“She seduced me and even though it felt wrong, I went along with it.

“My brother and I had a bet that I would marry her. It started off as a bit of a joke, but I actually became very fond of her and she offered security and familiarity.

“I’d been through a lot of stress myself. I’d lost my dad and my children’s mother died too. I turned to Kath for support. I didn’t see that she was reeling me in, like a Black Widow.”

The couple were married in October 2019.

Keith says: “We were married at the register office and it was just a quiet day. I really thought we would be happy together.”

But secretly, Kath was hitting Keith.

Keith says: “It started off with little kicks and digs. She would kick me from behind as I was putting my shoes on. There was never a row before it – she seemed to just enjoy being violent.

“I realised that Dad must have been telling the truth about the violence before his death, and that broke my heart.

“I knew as well that she had stabbed her first husband and that I could be in danger.

“But I couldn’t tell anyone. I felt ashamed that I was a victim of domestic violence. I wasn’t sure what to do. I never hit her back – I would never do that.

“The police came several times after she lost her temper, but I could never tell them the truth.”

In November 2019, the couple were watching TV at home.

Keith says: “There was no argument, no bad feeling at all. Kath just stood up, blocking my view to the TV, and picked up a glass ashtray from the table. Without any warning she smashed me hard on the head with the ashtray.

“I staggered backwards onto the couch and Kath went into the kitchen and got the biggest knife from the kitchen block.